Deploy with Helm

In this option you will deploy k8guard with a Helm chart. Helm reduces the number of files needed for editing by using templates, and consolidates the deployment.


  1. Ensure you have a kubernetes cluster running that you can connect to, with the docker images for each microservice (report, action, etc…) published to the contianer registry.
  2. Install Helm


Edit the values in k8guard-start-from-here/helm/values.yaml as appropriate.


From within the k8guard-start-from-here directory:

With the make command:

  make helm-deploy

Or directly with helm:

  helm upgrade -i k8guard-chart helm -f helm/values.yaml

And to cleanup:

With make:

  make clean-helm

Or, with helm:

  helm delete k8guard-chart

Try It in Browser:

Give it a couple minutes, then hit the urls.

If ingress is configured:

  1. Discover-api url:
  2. Report url:

Or, if you’re using minikube:

  1. Discover-api service url:
      minikube service k8guard-discover-service
  2. Report service url:
      minikube service k8guard-report-service