First Time Developer Setup

  • Install Go and Setup your $GOPATH.

  • Run the following to clone the repos:

      mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/
      cd $GOPATH/src/
      git clone
      cd $GOPATH/src/
  • Run developer-setup:

      make developer-setup
    • Hint 1: The above steps will clone other repos (k8guardlibs, k8guard-discover, k8guard-action, k8guard-report), install golang tools (glide, goimport) for you, and will also setup the pre-commit hooks. Note: It uses brew to install glide for only for mac users currently.

    • Hint 2: Makefile is your friend and it is better than this documentation. Take a look at the Makefile in the root of this folder, to understand all the commands you need.

    • Hint 3: k8guard-start-from-here folder should be your working directory when running the commands.